Income Disclosure

Income Disclosure

Last Updated: 10/01/2023

Staying Home Mom (Cassandra Wells) ("we," "us," or "our") is pleased to offer our digital marketing course and community, "The Roadmap," with Master Resell Rights. This Income Disclosure is intended to provide you with a clear understanding of the potential earnings that participants in "The Roadmap" may achieve. It is important to note that individual results can vary significantly based on a variety of factors.

Earnings Disclaimer

No Guarantee of Income: Participation in "The Roadmap" and resale of the Product does not guarantee any specific level of income. Your success and earnings depend on various factors, including your effort, commitment, skills, market conditions, and other external factors beyond our control.

Individual Results: Earnings and income potential vary from individual to individual. Some participants may earn significant income, while others may earn little to no income.

Testimonials and Examples: Testimonials, success stories, and examples provided by us or other participants are not indicative of the results you may achieve. These testimonials are exceptional results and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve similar results.

Responsible Marketing: Participants are responsible for accurately representing the Product and its potential benefits to potential buyers. Any claims or representations about potential earnings must be based on accurate and reliable information.

Factors Affecting Earnings

Effort and Commitment: Your level of effort, dedication, and commitment to applying the principles and strategies taught in "The Roadmap" can significantly impact your earnings.

Market Conditions: Market conditions, demand for the Product, and competition can influence your ability to generate income.

Skills and Experience: Your prior skills, experience, and knowledge in digital marketing and sales can play a role in your potential earnings.

Resell Rights

"The Roadmap" offers Master Resell Rights, allowing you to resell the Product for 100% profit. Your ability to generate income through resale depends on various factors, including your marketing efforts, audience reach, and sales strategies.


We are committed to providing valuable education and resources through "The Roadmap" digital marketing course and community. However, we do not make any guarantees or representations regarding the income potential of participants. Your success depends on your individual efforts, dedication, and application of the strategies taught.

By accessing or using "The Roadmap," you acknowledge that you have read and understood this Income Disclosure and that individual earnings may vary.

For any inquiries or concerns about this Income Disclosure, please contact us at

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